Collaborative Recommendations for the California Master Plan for Aging

The Collaborative embraces several fundamental principles, including:

(1) An essential goal of a Master Plan is to address aging and disability needs without regard to age by ensuring access to a robust and affordable LTSS system, caregiver resources, affordable housing, and mobility thus enabling older adults and people with disabilities to have the opportunity to age in the setting of their choice with dignity and respect.

(2) The Master Plan must be equitable and address the high levels of senior poverty and prevalence of disabilities, and the socio-economic, racial, gender, sexual, cultural, ethnic, and geographic diversity of the state.

(3) The Master Plan’s development process should reflect invested leadership from both you and the Legislature, and include meaningful input from stakeholders representing consumers, providers, payers, advocates, and policymakers.

(4) The Master Plan must be comprehensive, actionable, sustainable, funded, and must have a designated leader with clear responsibility for development of the plan, ultimate authority for implementation, and accountability for progress and results.

Please see our letter to Governor Newsom for additional background.

Download the Collaborative’s Recommendations