The Collaborative meets twice monthly to discuss current policy issues that impact California seniors and people with disabilities. These meetings are attended by Collaborative members, regional advocates, health plan representatives and state and federal officials. These are the main topics and presenters at recent meetings:


1-6-17 The Coordinated Care Initiative – Athena Chapman, CA Assoc of Health Plans and Senior and Disability Housing – Meghan Rose, LeadingAge California and Beth Southorn, LifeSTEPS

1-20-17 The Governor’s Proposed Budget: Hot Takes – Robert Harris, SEIU California and Gary Passmore, Congress of California Seniors

2-3-17 MACPAC, Federal Medicaid Policy and Innovations in Dual Demonstrations and Care Coordination – Toby Douglas, Centene Corporation

2-17-17 Governor’s Proposed Changes to the Coordinated Care Initiative – Hilary Haycock, Harbage Consulting; Kerry Branick, CMS; Athena Chapman, CA Association of Health Plans

3-3-17 Impacts of ACA Repeal, Block Granting Medicaid on California and Delayed Access to Post-Hospital Care – Edwin Park, CA Budget and Policy Center and Pat Blaisdell, CA Hospital Association

3-17-17 Coordinated Care Initiative and Changes to the In-Home Supportive Services Program: A Multi-Perspective Panel – Jay Kapoor, CA Dept of Finance; Pete Cervinka, CA Dept Social Services; Callie Frietag, CA Welfare Directors Association; Elissa Gershon, Disability Rights CA; Tiffany Whiten, SEIU California

4-7-17 Proposed HUD Cut & CA Housing Legislation, CA Assisted Living Waiver and Status of ACA Repeal – Linda Couch and Meghan Rose, LeadingAge; Karli Holkko, DHCS; Amber Christ, Justice in Aging

4-28-17 CMC Health Risk Assessment & Federal Policy Briefing – Sarah Steenhausen, The SCAN Foundation; Amber Christ, Justice in Aging; Susan DeMarois, Alzheimer’s Association; Hilary Haycock, Harbage Consulting; and Howard Bedlin, Joe Caldwell, and Marci Phillips of the National Council on Aging

5-12-17 Improving Care for High-Need, High-Cost Patients, American Health Care Act, Governor’s May Revise – Matthew McKearn, Bipartisan Policy Center; Denny Chan, Justice in Aging; Nina Weiler-Harwell, AARP California; Kristina Bas Hamilton, UDW; and Jacqueline Barocio and Ginni Bella Navarre of the Legislative Analyst’s Office 

5-26-17 Behavioral Health and Other LTSS Impacts of Shift of IHSS Costs to Counties, The Federal Report: American Health Care Act and Proposed Federal Budget Kirsten Barlow, California Behavioral Health Directors Association; Rusty Selix, California Council of Community Behavioral Health Agencies; Rashi Kesarwani, San Francisco Human Services Agency; Amber Christ, Justice in Aging

6-9-17 Policy Overview of SB 562, California Single-Payer Legislation, American Health Care Act Update, Overview of LTSS Items in Conference – Scott Graves, California Budget & Policy Center; Amber Christ, Justice in Aging; and Sue North, California Collaborative Staff Team

6-23-17 Discussion with the Office of Attorney General; Integrated Care; Performance Measures for Cal MediConnect – Melanie Fontes Rainer & Sirat Attapit, California Department of Justice; Megan Burke, The SCAN Foundation; and Denny Chan, Justice in Aging

7-7-17 2017 LTSS Scorecard, Medicaid Caps & Home and Community-Based Services, Better Care Reconciliation Act & HUDMegan Juring, The SCAN Foundation; Heather Harrison, California Assisted Living Association: Susan DeMarois, California Council of the Alzheimer’s Association; Steve Kaye, Community Living Policy Center, UC San Francisco; Amber Christ, Justice in Aging; and Meghan Rose, LeadingAge California

7-21-17 An Asset Based Approach to LTSS, Federal Report, Regional Coalition Update – Michael Marcus, Consultants for Community Resources; Amber Christ, Justice in Aging

8-4-17 2017 Findings from the AARP study of California adults in the workforce age 36-70; A Care Agenda for California – Stacey Moore, AARP California; Kristina Bas Hamilton, UDW/AFSCME; Amanda Ream UDW/AFSCME

8-18-17 Meeting the LTSS Needs of California’s Aging and Disabled Populations: A Policy Platform Developed for the Assembly Committee on Aging and Long-Term Care – Sarah Steenhausen, The SCAN Foundation; Peter Hansel, CalPACE; Jedd Hampton, LeadingAge Califoirnia; Nina Harwell-Weiler, AARP California; Leza Coleman, California Long-Term Care Ombudsman Association; Athena Chapman, California Association of Health Plans; Tiffany Whiten, SEIU State Council; Kristina Bas Hamilton, UDW/AFSME Local 3930; Pat Blaisdell, California Hospital Association

9-1-17 Managed Care Rate Setting and Impact on Home and Community-Based Services – Amber Christ,  Justice in Aging; Sarah Steenhausen, The SCAN Foundation; Marty Lynch, Lifelong Medical Care; Athena Chapman, California Association of Health Plans; Maya Altman, Health Plan of San Mateo; Heather Harrison, California Assisted Living Association

9-15-17 What’s at Stake in Current Federal Budget Proposals  – Steven Bliss, California Budget and Policy Center



1-15-16 State Budget & Medi-Cal Legislation – Linda Nguy, Western Center on Law and Poverty

1-29-16 Governor’s Budget Proposal – Collaborative Members

2-12-16 California’s 1115 Waiver and the Coordinated Care Initiative – Sarah Brooks, Deputy Director CA Dept of Health Care Services

2-26-16 Medi-Cal Independent Access Analysis – Lishaun Francis, California Medical Association

3-11-16 2703 Health Home Program – Jane Ogle, Consultant, CA Dept Health Care Services

3-25-16 LTSS Priorities of Senate Aging & LTC Committee – Suzanne Reed, Chief of Staff Senator Carol Liu

4-15-16 The California Coordinated Care Initiative – Amber Cutler, Justice in Aging; Sarah Brooks, CA Dept of Health Care Services; Kerry Branick, CMS

4-29-16 Assembly Priorities 2016 – Myesha Jackson, Policy Director, Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon

5-13-16 Whole Person Care Pilot Program – Sarah Brooks, CA Dept of Health Care Services; Kelly Brooks,-Lindsey, Hurst Brooks Espinosa; Sharon Rapport, Corporation for Supportive Housing; Ben Jauregui, Inland Empire Health Plan

5-27-16 Alzheimer’s Association Administration on Community Living Grant Outcomes and Inside Track on the State Budget – Susan DeMarois, Alzheimer’s Association; Robert Harris, SEIU; Tony Anderson, The Arc of California; Sarah Steenhausen, The SCAN Foundation

6-10-16 Evaluation of CalMediConnect: The Beneficiary Perspective –  Carrie Graham, UC Berkeley; Dr. Stephen Kaye, UCSF

6-24-16 State Budget Debrief – Mike Herald, Western Center on Law and Poverty

7-15-16 Nursing Facility/Acute Hospital Waiver – Rebecca Schupp, Chief of Long-Term Care Division, CA Dept of Health Care Services

7-29-16 CCLTSS CalMediConnect Voluntary Enrollment Task Force Recommendations – Amber Cutler, Justice in Aging; Athena Chapman, CA Association of Health Plans

8-12-16 System Change Opportunities in Housing, Long Term Care Financing and Integrated Health Care Delivery Systems – Jeannee Parker Martin, CEO LeadingAge California

8-26-16 Dual Demo Evaluation Efforts Impacting State & Federal Integration – Megan Juring, Program Officer, The SCAN Foundation

9-9-16 Community-Based Health Home and 2703 Health Home Program – Lydia Missaelides, CAADS; Dawn Myers-Purkey, Yolo ADHC; Celine Regalia, Collabria Care; Amy Turnipseed, Partnership Health Plan; Jane Ogle, Consultant, CA Dept of Health Care Services

9-23-16 Consumer Policy Leadership in In-Home Supportive Services – Janie Whiteford, President, CICA; Charlie Bean, Executive Director, CICA; Greg Thompson, Executive Director, Los Angeles Public Authority; Michelle Rausey, Alameda Co Public Authority

10-7-16 Trasportation: Autonomous Vehicles and Disability Access & Transportation Services in Medi-Cal Managed Care – Susan Henderson, Executive Director, Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund; Debra Kegel, CalOptima; Annie Tonkogolosuk, Health Net

10-21-16 California Partnership for Long Term Care – Bonnie Burns, California Health Advocates; Casey Young, CCLTSS Staff Team

11-4-16 Federal Managed Care Regulation Implementation – Kim Lewis, Managing Attorney, National Health Law Program

11-18-16 Key Issues Facing the In-Home Supportive Services Program – Kristina Bas Hamilton, UDW; Karen Keeslar, California Association of Public Authorities; Deborah Doctor, Disability Rights California; Janie Whiteford, California In-Home Services Consumer Alliance; Jen Alley, California Association of Health Plans

12-2-16 Mental Health Services for Californians with Alzheimer’s Disease –  Cordula Dick-Muelke, Cordula Cares; Susan DeMarois, The Alzheimer’s Association; Kirsten Barlow, California Behavioral Health Directors Association; Dr. Anita Ramanathan, San Francisco Department of Mental Health

12-16-16 Annual Membership Strategic Planning Meeting – Jack Hailey, GACI; Casey Young, GACI; Laurel Mildred, Mildred Consulting