Policy Recommendations

Each year the California Collaborative provides input to the State Legislature as well as state and federal agencies and officials, in support of effective policies for long term services and supports. These are some of our recent recommendations.


Letter of Opposition HR 620
The California Collaborative joined 110 other California organizations in this letter of opposition to HR 620 sent to all members of the California Congressional delegation. HR 620 would weaken the Americans with Disabilities Act by removing incentives for businesses to comply with the law regarding accessibility of public accommodations and place excessive burdens on individuals with disabilities.

Support Letter SB 3
This letter was submitted to the Senate Appropriations Committee in April 2017 in Support of the Affordable Housing Bond Act of 2018, which would provide funding to backfill some of the recent state and federal cuts of $1.5 billion annually to California’s affordable housing.

Support Letter SB 2
This letter was submitted in April 2017 to the Senate Appropriations Committee in support of SB 2, legislation which would generate an estimated $500 million in state investment to build affordable housing for Californians in need, including seniors and people with disabilities.

Support Letter AB 71
This letter was submitted in April 2017 to the Assembly Revenue and Taxation Committee in support of AB 71, legislation to appropriate $300 million annually in state funds to build an estimated 3,000 affordable homes each year. This would provide an opportunity for low-income seniors and people with disabilities to live in the community.

Support Letter SB 177
This letter was submitted in April 2017 to the Senate Appropriations Committee in support of SB 177, legislation sponsored by the Association of California Caregiver Resource Centers to appropriate funds for the purpose of reinstating essential respite services to unpaid family caregivers.

Testimony in Support of AB 286
This testimony was provided to the Assembly Health Committee in April 2017 in support of legislation sponsored by Disability Rights California. AB 286 would increase the Medi-Cal home upkeep allowance to assist people to keep their housing when they experience a health crisis.

Formal Input on the Coordinated Care Initiative
This report submitted in February 2017 to the California Department of Health Care Services and the federal Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services documented the feedback of Collaborative members regarding the Governor’s proposed changes to the CCI.

Budget Letter 2017
Submitted to the Legislature, state departments and agency officials, the Collaborative’s annual budget letter outlined CCLTSS support for several key long-term services and supports investments sponsored by member organizations.


Support Letter SB 547
This letter was submitted in August 2016 to Governor Jerry Brown, requesting his signature on SB 547 to authorize a stakeholder planning process to review California’s fragmented system of long-term services and supports serving seniors and people with disabilities, and to make recommendations to create a modern service delivery system that would better meet California’s needs in the 21st century.

CCLTSS CMC Voluntary Enrollment Recommendations
In July 2016 the Collaborative responded to an invitation from the California Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) to provide input on a voluntary enrollment strategy for the Cal MediConnect program. Convening a workgroup of Collaborative members in partnership with health plans, CCLTSS developed eleven key recommendations for enrollment in the program and submitted them to DHCS and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. DHCS provided a detailed response to the recommendations, which can be found here.

Support for LTSS Items in Conference
This letter was submitted in June 2016 to the California Legislative Budget Conference Committee in support of Alzheimer’s disease detection and diagnosis, senior nutrition funding and training for Adult Protective Services.

DHCS Director Kent Meeting Request
In May 2016 the Collaborative wrote to Director Jennifer Kent outlining the problems in the long-term care insurance market, their impact on older adults and the Medi-Cal program, and requesting a meeting to discuss opportunities to address these issues by revitalizing the California Partnership for Long-Term Care program.

Collaborative Op-Ed MCO Tax
In March 2016 the Collaborative distributed this Op-ed piece to the Legislature and our networks, explaining the significance of California’s adoption of a Managed Care Organization tax to the sustainability of the Medi-Cal program and to California’s ability to provide services to 300,000 Californians with developmental disabilities.