What are Long Term Services and Supports

Long-term services and supports refer to a wide range of personal, medical andsocial/financial assistance needed by persons with functional limitations over an extended time. The services may be publicly or privately financed, delivered in a wide range of settings, and may change as the needs of the individual who uses the services change.


Our Mission

The California Collaborative advocates for the dignity, health and independence of Californians regardless of age who experience disabilities, functional limitations or chronic conditions and who use long-term services and supports. California needs a system of high-quality, cost-effective long-term services and supports that strengthen the person, his or her family, caregivers, circles of support, and the community at large. That system must promote the person’s well-being and social participation, promote economic independence, prevent impoverishment and remove barriers to employment. The Collaborative will use several strategies, including public education and awareness, to further its mission.